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China National Heavy Duty Truck: Wheels drive to the front line of Henan flood fighting and rescue

Release time:

2021-07-22 11:01

In recent days, Henan Province has experienced extreme heavy rains, which are rare in history. Many places have encountered severe floods. All walks of life have participated in the rescue. Sinotruk's vehicles also drove to the front line of flood fighting for the first time.

Chinese heavy vehicles frequently appeared in the rescue team, and a number of professional firefighting rescue teams drove Chinese heavy vehicles to Henan to participate in the rescue.

At the same time, Sinotruk’s “family” service quickly issued a number of policies to provide strong service guarantees for the front line of flood fighting and disaster-stricken people. The first item, "family" service is on standby 24 hours a day, 400 family members service hotline, branch offices, and service stations are on standby 24 hours a day and respond quickly to provide timely and effective service guarantees for vehicles in the disaster-stricken area; the second item is family feedback. Free love meals are provided for all vehicles or machinery and equipment used for flood relief; the third one is for loved ones, free rescue, and free rescue and towing services for vehicles in the trapped area; the fourth one is that one party is in trouble , Family support, gathering family service teams in Xuchang, Luoyang, Shangqiu, Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, Kaifeng and other regions to be on call at any time to provide powerful service guarantees for the front line of flood fighting; the fifth item, family dedication, free physical examination and maintenance, for the vehicles participating in the rescue, After the disaster relief is completed, a full-vehicle physical examination and vehicle maintenance service will be given as a gift; the sixth item is the slow supply policy, which is worry-free during the flood. For vehicles operating in the affected area due to the disaster, you can apply for the provision of slow supply policy support.

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