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Ranked No. 1 in the market segment, Jimu Intelligent helps bus OEMs break through the commercialization of intelligent driving

Release time:

2021-07-19 16:00

According to data from the Institute of Highway Science of the Ministry of Transport, as of the end of 2020, there were 292 passenger car models under inspection based on the Jimu Intelligent ADAS early warning solution, ranking first in China with a significant advantage.

Screenshot of the data from the Institute of Highway Science of the Ministry of Transport

The implementation of intelligent driving technology cannot be separated from the promotion of regulations, and the passenger car market is the first field in which China's intelligent driving laws and regulations have been implemented. According to the "Technical Conditions for Safety of Operating Passenger Cars" issued by the Ministry of Transport of China, starting from April 1, 2018, newly produced passenger cars over 9 meters in length will be equipped with LDW (Lane Departure Warning System) and AEBS (Automatic Emergency Braking System). )’S forward collision warning function; starting from April 1, 2019, automatic emergency braking systems and electronic stability systems should be installed on passenger cars over 9 meters.

 In 2017, Higer Bus took the lead in bidding for the implementation of this regulation in China. With its leading technology advantage and high cost performance, Jimu Intelligent won the bid and has continued to supply it to this day. At present, Jimu Intelligent has supplied to nearly 10 mainstream bus OEMs including Haige, Jinlu, Shenlong, Foton, Zhongtong, Yaxing, Yinlong, etc., and its customer share ranks first in China.

The bus equipped with JIMU's intelligent driving solution is undergoing technical testing

 Following passenger cars, smart driving regulations for heavy trucks will also be implemented in September 2020. Compared with the truck field, the capacity of the passenger car market is relatively small, but it has experienced the experience of the passenger car market. JiMu Intelligent has polished its products and technologies, and has accumulated rich experience in OEM service. It can better respond to the needs of truck OEMs and provide more Competitive products and services. For the truck market, Jimu Intelligent has launched a variety of solutions based on 1R1V dual warning, AVM surround view all-in-one, etc., and its market share ranks among the best.

 As a leader in the intelligent driving technology industry, Jimu Intelligent has been focusing on the research and development and application of intelligent driving technology. While accumulating higher-level autonomous driving technology, Jimu Intelligent is currently focusing on the mass production and implementation of L2+ intelligent driving solutions. At present, Jimu Intelligent supplies nearly 20 head OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers at home and abroad, and is the only Chinese supplier that has passed the relevant ADAS technical regulations test in overseas markets such as Japan and South Korea. It is in Japan, South Korea, India, and the United States. Overseas markets have reached cooperation with a number of well-known international companies.

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