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What are the anxiety of OEMs, dealers, and users in the Sixth Era?

Release time:

2021-07-30 16:37

Under the epidemic, everyone is in a state of anxiety. In the commercial vehicle industry, the market's estimated inventory of about 250,000 and the continued decline in freight rates, especially the official arrival of the National VI era, have left OEMs, dealers and users in a very anxious state.

● To increase the price or not to increase the price? The OEMs play a side-ball for the promotion of National Sixth

For the OEMs, they are now in a state of double-sided flanking, so there is a "scratch ball" incident. How do you say this? On the one hand, the National VI pricing has not been advanced, and it is difficult to determine whether the price will increase or not. Through the preliminary investigation, Truck House found that the major OEMs have not yet formulated final plans for the pricing of National VI products. According to a dealer in Shanghai, the series pricing of National VI products will be released in August at the latest. .

During this process, OEMs are hesitant to see whether the price of National VI products will increase. You know, considering the cost, the National VI car itself is about 20,000 yuan more expensive than the National V car. If the price increases, according to the current market situation, whether users can accept it, and how much can they accept the increase. However, if the price does not increase, there are at least about 250,000 in the National V inventory on the market. If the price difference between the National V and the VI is not widened, it will be difficult to clear the inventory in the National V. At that time, there will be conflicts between OEMs and dealers.

On the other hand, the implementation of National VI is imperative, but the slow progress of the promotion has caused manufacturers to scramble to promote "National VI do not pick oil products." From the current point of view, the user's acceptance of National VI products has not been high. One of the factors is that National VI has high requirements for oil products. In addition to increasing operating costs, vehicle after-sales maintenance has caused certain problems. As a result, manufacturers are slow to promote the National VI market, which may affect the market rate of the National VI market. Therefore, some domestic manufacturers stated that the engines of their vehicles "have excellent oil suitability, and they also have built-in active desulfurization programs to prevent Deal with the engine fault code alarm caused by sulfur poisoning".

But the facts are true: this built-in desulfurization technology can only cope with the sulfur content within the national VI standard diesel limit, and it can't do anything for diesel with severe sulfur exceeding the standard.

● Internal malicious competition There is a price protection mechanism inside the dealer

Below the OEM is a huge group of dealers. For the current commercial vehicle industry, the life of this group of dealers is not easy. On the one hand, dealers are engaged in price wars, and on the other hand, small dealers suffer a lot from the preferential treatment and market protection provided by manufacturers for large dealers.

For the moment, some large dealers are holding a lot of National V inventory in their hands. These are all vehicles that dealers have bought from manufacturers with tangible funds. In the past, the competition between dealers was a competition between different brands, but now with the continuous expansion of the dealer group and the lifting of the restriction on the number of dealer shops, as well as the coexistence of the first network and the second network in the same area, the distribution of the same brand is allowed. Intra-business competition is fierce. As a result, the price war within the dealers started.

Some dealers revealed that there is basically no regional market scope protection. There can be several dealers of the same brand in the same market, but the sales market is so big. In order to seize the market, everyone is fighting a price war internally. For example, the price of the same product at my home is 250,000, and the other party also sells 250,000, but the actual transaction price may be 245,000 or even lower.

In this process, small dealers suffer more. Because for OEMs, large dealers are definitely better than small dealers in terms of sales and service capabilities, so manufacturers will give more discounts to large dealers. In addition, some distributors revealed that the same product may have different cost prices for large distributors and small distributors. Therefore, in today's fierce competition, small dealers are in a very anxious state.

● When will the freight rate increase? When is the best time to change trains?

Finally, I have to mention card friends. What has been the most concerned about card friends all the time? Of course it is the freight rate, and it is also true now. However, everyone is still anxious now.

On the one hand, the logistics and freight market has not recovered since the epidemic. We also reported earlier that some large logistics companies in Henan have reduced their supply by nearly one-third or more. In the case of more cars and less goods, the competitive strength of retail investors is even smaller. Card friends are all anxious about how to increase the freight rate and how to find a more sufficient source of goods.

On the other hand, cardholders are also considering whether to change cars, when to change cars, and what to do if the operating costs of changing cars increase? Trucks are now charging by axle on high speeds. Although various regions have begun to implement differentiated tolls, the charging standards for vehicles have nothing to do with vehicle emissions. Regardless of whether it is National IV, National V or National VI, the same set of charging standards is used for high-speed. However, it should be noted that with the implementation of National VI, all vehicles in the future will definitely be replaced by National VI. At this time, the cardholders are anxious about when the cost of changing cars is lower and the timing is better, and more importantly, as the overall operating costs of National VI vehicles are increasing, how can they reduce costs and increase efficiency.

● After the editor

In the National VI era, OEMs, dealers, and users are all in a state of anxiety. The following August and September will be the most chaotic period. Whoever can accurately grasp the target at this time will be able to obtain the greatest benefits. (Text/Gao Li Min)

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