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Wheels made in Germany also roll over. Is it difficult to make high-speed rail wheels? Why is localization so difficult?

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2021-07-30 16:47

So far, my country's high-speed rail technology ranks first in the world, and even veteran high-speed rail countries such as Japan have been surpassed by my country.

As an efficient and convenient means of transportation, high-speed rail has been recognized by many countries and accepted by many tourists. Even foreigners want to come to our country to see the elegance of my country's high-speed rail. It can be seen how attractive China's high-speed rail is and how well-known my country's high-speed rail is.

In fact, we only know that Japan was the first country to have high-speed rail, while Germany is also a country with high-speed rail technology. I believe that German manufacturing is very familiar to everyone.

Not only does he have an important position in the mechanical field, he cannot be underestimated in other fields. After the end of World War II, not only countries such as the United States and Japan developed.

Even countries like Germany have developed rapidly. First of all, they are very prominent in industry. Many countries have used German manufacturing and imported a lot of machinery in Germany, which made German manufacturing famous at the time.

Until now, made in Germany has not lost any country. At that time, high-speed rail was an emerging technology. How could an industrial country like Germany abandon such high-tech?

So they also carried out technical research, as well as the field of production of high-speed rail. There is a series of high-speed trains in Germany called the legendary model, that is, ICE-1, which is also the first high-speed train manufactured in Germany.

It started to carry passengers in 1991, and the speed can be as high as 280 kilometers per hour. In addition to the high speed, the driving head of the train is also very advanced. The bare head is equipped with 10 computer systems, which makes the experience very comfortable.

In addition, this high-speed train is also equipped with TV, restaurants, music players and other entertainment facilities, as well as meeting rooms for people to have meetings. It can be said to be very complete.

In 7 years of operation, there has never been a breakdown or accident. His daily passenger capacity is as high as 65,000. The reason why the ICE-1 train can run at a high speed of 280 kilometers per hour without any turbulence.

That's because the wheels it uses are very special. The wheels used in the ICE-1 train have a single-layer outer ring with 20 mm thick rubber, plus a layer of steel rim, the rubber can serve as a shock absorber. The effect will effectively alleviate the feeling of bumps.

But such a safe roller had an accident during one driving. This accident happened in June 1998. One morning, a high-speed rail was passing near a village in Lower Saxony, Germany, and it suddenly derailed.

This tragic derailment accident caused the tragic feat of 101 deaths and 105 injuries in this train that originally carried 287 passengers.

The root cause of this situation is that the wheels on this train are broken, and this wheel is made in Germany, and the wheel in the accident was broken because of the metal fatigue of the steel rim.

Metal fatigue refers to the long-term stress that the metal bears far less than the ultimate tensile force, and the accumulation over the years will eventually lead to the metal fracture. After the steel rim is broken, under the action of the wheel, it obliquely penetrates into the bottom of the train.

The remaining section was hung on the bottom of the car, and the worn-out railway was scratched by this section of steel bar. It was precisely because of this accident that the German manufacturing was pulled off the altar.

If you paid enough attention to parts when manufacturing wheels, I believe this kind of thing might not happen, and Germany has also learned the lesson this time.

In the subsequent wheel research and development, even the manufacturing method of the wheel has been changed and replaced with a new manufacturing method. If you had such an awareness earlier, such a problem might not have occurred.

Because the wheels carry huge dynamic and thermal loads during operation, various types of fatigue damage are very prone to occur, and a series of accidents are prone to occur.

Wheel research and development technology

Although my country is a country with first-class high-speed rail technology, it has also experienced decades of research in the research and development of high-speed rail before it has achieved current results.

Previously, my country’s high-speed rail was overwhelmed because of Japan’s never-loose nut. As my country attaches great importance to this technology, it has been researched and developed through the efforts of scientific researchers.

my country has also successfully developed nuts suitable for high-speed railways. However, our country has encountered the same problem on the wheels of high-speed rail, because the production of high-speed rail wheels has very high technical requirements.

In today's world, only the German BVV company, Japan's Sumitomo Steel Group, the French Wadun company and an Italian company, only these four companies have the technology to produce high-speed rail wheels.

And these companies attach great importance to the technology of producing wheels. They do not apply for patents, do not accept exchanges and visits from any country, and do not publish any papers.

They are sold to my country at a price that is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary wheels. Among them, the German BVV company has an export value of 60 million euros to China, and my country is well aware of the importance of high-speed rail wheel technology.

A large amount of funds, manpower and material resources have been invested in the research of wheel technology. After several decades of research, my country has now independently developed wheels.

It shocked all countries in the world. Compared with foreign wheels, when my country manufactures wheels, it is in terms of material design, metallurgical quality, comprehensive performance and intelligent manufacturing.

The advantage is obviously higher than similar imported products, and it has reached the international advanced level. It has also been recognized by Germany and South Korea and other countries. Now my country's wheels are also exported to Germany, India, South Korea and other countries, and it has changed from relying on imports. Desire to export.

my country's high-speed rail wheels have been made locally, which greatly reduces the cost of my country's procurement, and the investment in high-speed rail has also reduced a part of the funds. Our wheels are not only safer.

Moreover, the price is very reasonable. It not only breaks the phenomenon of Western countries' monopoly on wheel technology for many years, but also reduces a lot of procurement costs for other countries that develop high-speed rail.


Although my country's high-speed rail is now internationally recognized, and its technical level is higher than that of Western countries, it still relies on imports in certain technical fields, although the localization rate cannot reach 100%.

However, it can also reach the level required by the world. With the rapid development of science and technology, my country's high-speed rail will not stop there, and will continue to develop the high-speed rail business belonging to our country.

And continue to break the technology monopolized by Western countries over our country. In this regard, our country is relatively confident. We must know that our country has grown up step by step under the pressure of Western countries.

In such a difficult environment, our country can still be reborn, which shows that our country's strength does not stop there. Now that science and technology are a necessary foundation for a big country, our country has demonstrated excellent science and technology.

Not only has there been certain achievements in high-speed rail, but even the maritime industry has advanced technologies in the world. In aircraft carriers, the United States has always been in a hegemonic position, but with my country's continuous research in this area.

Now my country can carry out independent research and development of aircraft carriers, such as the Liaoning and Shandong, which are excellent aircraft carriers in my country, and many countries also trust our technology very much and let my country conduct guidance and research on aircraft carrier technology.

It can be seen that my country's status in the international arena has undergone earth-shaking changes. This has not only enabled my country to obtain the supreme honor, but also has been unanimously recognized by many countries.

This is not only the efforts of our scientific researchers, but also the fruit of our country's success. It is precisely because our country has gained a lot of good friends, and with their support, we have enough confidence to develop new fields of technology in the future.

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