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Strengthen independent innovation. During the epidemic, 30 new steel varieties or technical equipment of Baosteel, Hegang and other steel companies were born.

Release time:

2021-08-06 11:43

The continued spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had an impact on the world economy and steel production. At this difficult time, companies have focused on strengthening technological research, innovated and developed, and created 30 new steel varieties or technical equipment, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of my country's steel industry.


Baosteel: The first domestic company to master the manufacturing technology of 690 MPa high-performance bridge steel

      A major breakthrough was made in the "13th Five-Year" national key research and development plan "High-performance bridge steel" project led by Baosteel Co., Ltd. and 23 units including China Railway Bridge Research Institute. The high-performance bridge steel Q690qENH has been sent to users for the construction of Wuhan Jianghan Seven Bridges. At present, the construction of Wuhan Jianghan Seven Bridges with a main span of 408 meters has experienced the test of the epidemic and has fully entered the stage of main span girder erection. This is also the first time that the world's leading domestically made 690 MPa high-performance bridge steel has been used in the construction of large-span bridges in China.

The seventh-generation high-performance bridge steel Q690qENH is known as the "jewel in the crown" of Chinese bridge steel. Compared with the sixth-generation bridge steel, the yield strength of the seventh-generation high-performance bridge steel produced by Baosteel Co., Ltd. has been significantly increased from 500 MPa to 690 MPa, and its key technical indicators such as yield ratio, weldability, and low-temperature toughness are all higher than International standards. Baosteel took the lead in mastering the complete set of technologies such as steel plate production, supporting welding materials and welding processes, and realized mass production and the first demonstration project application, marking that Baosteel will continue to lead the development of domestic bridge steel in the field of high-performance and high-strength bridge steel.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of navigation requirements, and the influence of various complex factors such as hydrological conditions, flood control and water control engineering constraints, and the utilization of shoreline wharves, the newly built bridges on major rivers such as the Yangtze River are moving towards the middle of the river with few piers until no more piers. Pier direction development. With the iterative development of domestic bridge steel technology, the record of the largest main span of the bridge will continue to be refreshed, and the era of "across the river" is accelerating. The Seventh Jianghan Bridge is the seventh large-span urban heavy-duty bridge across the river planned for construction in Wuhan. According to the design, the Jianghan Seventh Bridge will not erect piers in the river. The successful development of 690 MPa high-performance bridge steel will greatly increase the length of the main span of the bridge. It is the basic material guarantee for the Jianghan Seventh Bridge to achieve "one span across the river".

Q690qENH bridge steel has many special requirements in terms of mechanical properties, production technology, welding performance, etc., which are extremely challenging for the company's R&D, production, quality and other capabilities, and it is difficult to develop and produce. In more than two years of continuous research, Baosteel's heavy plate production, marketing and research team has worked closely with cooperative units and closely focused on user needs to coordinate research. Not only has it successfully developed 690 MPa high-performance bridge steel, but also related supporting welding materials and Independent innovation has also been achieved in the welding process, and 7 national invention patents have been declared.

The seventh-generation 690 MPa-class high-performance bridge steel in China has quickly achieved its domestic debut at Baosteel. It is also China Baowu’s acceleration of integration, integration, and combination, and implementation of the SASAC’s “effectively exerting synergies to ensure the full release of restructuring dividends. "Contributing to the improvement of quality and efficiency of central enterprises" has achieved gratifying results. The "13th Five-Year" national key research and development plan "High-performance bridge steel" project was launched in September 2017. The Qingshan base thick plate production line of the sixth-generation high-performance bridge steel research and development project was shut down. Although the Baoshan and Dongshan base thick plate production lines have advanced equipment, they have not invested much in the field of bridge steel before.

In order to undertake this national-level project, Baosteel Co., Ltd. actively promotes the management reform of the R&D system, establishes a “one office to one industry” operating mechanism, promotes the flexible allocation of R&D personnel and the efficient use of R&D resources, and realizes the industry heritage and Quick connection of R&D capabilities, information systems, and manufacturing control capabilities. The company fully integrated R&D resources in Shanghai and Wuhan, formed a bridge steel R&D team with complementary advantages, and accelerated the promotion of high-end bridge steel technology achievements on the thick plate production lines of Baoshan and Dongshan bases. Especially in the Dongshan base, the supply of bridge steel has increased from more than 20,000 tons in 2017 to more than 210,000 tons in 2019, an increase of more than 10 times.

In the next stage, Baosteel Co., Ltd. will also closely follow the manufacturing and installation conditions of users' steel beams, promptly resolve new situations that arise during use, and continuously improve related manufacturing processes and quality control. At the same time, it will introduce 690 MPa bridge steel to key customers at home and abroad, and strive to obtain applications in more major bridge projects at home and abroad.

China Baowu launches the world's first new wear-resistant steel BW400QP

Recently, the key project between Baosteel Co., Ltd. and CIMC Group-"R&D and Application Technology of New Wear-resistant Steel for Dump Trucks" has made breakthrough progress: two semi-trailers made of BW400QP new wear-resistant steel, the world's first product of Baosteel Co., Ltd. The new dump truck officially rolled off the assembly line, setting the fastest record for CIMC Group from R&D and design to production rollout.

The new semi-trailer dump truck has successfully achieved a weight reduction of 700 kg, while the load capacity has been increased. It has the characteristics of better strength, faster loading and unloading, and corrosion resistance. It accelerates the resumption of work and production for the downstream logistics and transportation industry chain, and realizes energy saving, emission reduction and green Inject strong momentum into development.

In recent years, with the continuous promulgation of relevant national policies in the field of environmental friendliness and weight-limiting and emission reduction, the domestic dump truck market has become increasingly light-weight, and the demand for thin-gauge wear-resistant steel continues to expand. Following the cooperation between Baosteel Co., Ltd. and CIMC to develop a new type of wear-resistant steel BW300TP for mixer trucks, and successfully leading the upgrading of materials and products in the mixer truck industry, at the beginning of 2020, in order to further promote the two major groups of China Baowu and CIMC in the field of steel With high-quality cooperation, Baosteel's hot-rolling production, sales and research team has continuously developed, optimized and vigorously promoted the new type of dump truck wear-resistant steel BW400QP in response to the lightweight needs of CIMC's dump truck products, and is committed to once again leading the upgrade of the dump truck industry.

In the follow-up, the hot-rolling production, sales and research team will maintain close contact with the user technical team, track the processing and use of each batch of materials, and optimize the development of plate types and specifications to lay a solid foundation for subsequent mass production and user promotion. At the same time, it will give full play to the geographical distribution advantages of Baosteel's production bases, accelerate the transfer of products between bases, and make arrangements in advance for future products to radiate users across the country.


2060MPa level! Baosteel successfully developed the world's highest strength cable wire!

Recently, Baosteel Co., Ltd. is one of the major national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" major projects-the first batch of trial-produced 2060MPa (megapascal) bridge cable wire rods for the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage Bridge. Requirements, this indicates that Baosteel Co., Ltd. has developed the world's highest-strength cable steel wire, laying a solid foundation for the first engineering application of the product. This is a major breakthrough in the development of steel used for bridge cables by Baosteel Co., Ltd., and has far-reaching significance for the development of my country's bridge industry.

In recent years, my country’s bridge construction has developed rapidly, and a series of large-scale bridge projects that have attracted worldwide attention have been built. The bridge cable system is the key to realizing the large-span modern bridge. It bears huge dynamic and static loads. Or in the harsh environment of the oceanic climate, high requirements for material strength, toughness, durability, etc. are required in material design, quality control, heat treatment, steel wire processing and other links, which require in-depth technical development and strict control of process quality. Ensure bridge safety.

The high-strength wire rod product for bridge cable steel wire is a key product of Baosteel Co., Ltd.'s wire rod. It has realized the full localization of 1770Mpa steel wire for the world's first super-thousand-meter cable-stayed Sutong Bridge; during the construction of Guangzhou Nansha Bridge, the 1960Mpa steel wire was developed. High-strength steel wire research and development trial production, the first domestic development of this level of cable wire rod products and related processing technology, to ensure that the bridge is completed and open to traffic in 2019. Subsequently, the 2000Mpa-level cable wire was successfully developed and successfully applied to the world's first High and low tower highways, high-speed rail dual-purpose cable-stayed bridges-Shanghe-Hangzhou high-speed railway Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge and other key projects.

The Deep-Medium Corridor Bridge currently under construction will be a new traffic "main artery" connecting the east and west of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future. The use of 2060MPa high-strength cable steel wire will help reduce the amount of steel used for the main cable. Wind resistance improves the reliability of the bridge while realizing energy saving and emission reduction. This project will be the first international project application of 2060MPa cable steel wire, and product development is extremely difficult.

This project will be the first international project application of 2060MPa cable steel wire, and product development is extremely difficult. Baosteel Co., Ltd. Steel Tube and Bar Steel Division, the Central Research Institute, and Baosteel Metal formed a technical marketing team to jointly market and develop together, winning the competition and winning the first order. With the advantages of long-term accumulation of production, sales and research, the R&D team independently carried out in-depth research on key process technologies such as alloy composition optimization design, clean steelmaking, segregation control, and high-strength steel wire trial production, achieving precise control of material organization and performance improvement, ensuring that the steel wire High strength, and has good torsion, winding and fatigue resistance.

The search is endless. In the process of verification and production of 2060MPa grade products, Baosteel Co., Ltd. has simultaneously started the research and development of 2100MPa and higher cable steel wires, striding forward to better product performance, realizing further improvement of steel wire strength and plastic toughness. The current development work is progressing smoothly. All indicators meet the requirements.

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