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The "heavy weapon of the country" of 1,152 tires can only be manufactured by two countries in the world, and China only rents it but does not sell it!

Release time:

2021-08-11 15:44

Have you seen a car with 1152 wheels? Just listen to the number of tires, you know that this car is not ordinary, and it must be a big guy, and more importantly, it is "made in China."
In fact, this car looks like a centipede, but it can change shape like a "transformer", that is, it can be freely combined at any time as needed, and it can provide multiple axles to add modular units, so it is called a self-propelled modular transporter, also known as an SMPT flatbed truck. Each wheel is made of special materials and can carry 30 tons. The vehicle can carry a maximum load of more than 50,000 tons. Judging from this carrying tonnage, it can even pull a medium-sized aircraft carrier and run around the ground. Next, let's talk about this "Chinese artifact".

       You may be wondering, is a car with so many wheels "easy to move"? Not to mention, this flatbed truck is flexible. Each tire can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and has an independent control system. It can also adjust the lift according to the road conditions. Moreover, the entire flatbed truck is also overridden by the electronic computer. Through the transmitter, it can reflect the movement of the car's center of gravity and the road at every moment Features, full of sense of science and technology.
So the question is again, what is the use of this kind of car? Such a large carrying capacity is naturally used to transport "behemoths". In daily life, goods such as vegetables, fruits and even cars, excavators can be transported by ordinary transport vehicles, but heavy equipment such as rockets, petrochemical containers, large ship splits, bridges, etc., use SMPT at this time The flatbed truck.

For example, the single steel section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is 132 meters long, 33 meters wide, 4.5 meters high, and weighs 3,200 tons. Obviously, this "Big Mac" cannot be carried by ordinary transport vehicles. It is a 100-axle 2.43m SPMT flatbed truck produced by Wanshan Company of the Fourth Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry of China to complete the transportation task. Today, this special transport vehicle has been widely used in equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, bridge construction and other engineering fields.
Of course, this "big guy" cannot be built in any country. The great development of my country's self-propelled modular transporter is the last ten years. Looking back, Europe is the birthplace of this transporter, and it has monopolized the international market for a long time. Nowadays, Germany's Goethehof, Kemag, France's Nicholas, and Italy's Komito are the main manufacturers of self-propelled modular transport vehicles. Among them, Germany is the strongest.
For example, Kemag of Germany has produced the most powerful SPMT flatbed truck in the world, setting a history of overloading 15,000 tons in one fell swoop. What is this concept? Equivalent to the total weight of 83 Boeing 747 airliners!

It is understood that in 2009, the Norwegian shipyard wanted to transport an oil separation device used for wastewater treatment from the production site to a nearby floating platform. At first, Kemag launched SPMT with up to 356 axes, which still could not meet the transportation requirements. Continued to add 184-axis SPMT, and then the 15,000-ton behemoth was transported away. Finally, it was found that this SMPT flatbed car used 2160 wheels, and this record has not been broken until today.
After more than ten years of development, the development of Chinese enterprises in this field has also been advancing by leaps and bounds. A number of outstanding enterprises such as Wanshan Company of the Fourth Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry of China, Suzhou Dafang, Wuhan Tianjie, and Shanghai Taiteng have emerged. Wanshan Company has the best development.

As early as 2007, Wanshan Company began to develop self-propelled modular transport vehicles. Two years later, the company launched the first generation of products and won the National Key New Product Certificate in 2010. At the same time, the SPMT flatbed truck produced by Wanshan Company is constantly setting new load records.
Although the SPMT flatbed truck did not really pull the aircraft carrier to run around the ground, it "lifted" the 5,200-ton ship and left. In 2017, the 130-axle 2.43m SPMT flatbed truck produced by Wanshan Company successfully transported the 5,200-ton ship of Wuchang Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. to its destination, breaking the Asian record of SPMT transport weight at that time.

This transport vehicle is 128 meters long and has as many as 520 wheels. It is operated by 10 train groups. The video of the transport of the ship quickly became popular once it was published on the Internet, allowing hundreds of thousands of overseas netizens to see the "Chinese artifact". , Some netizens even "raise posture" for popular science. For example, this "big guy" is only made in China and Germany, and it is 100% "Made in China."

In fact, besides the surprise, this Asian record of 5,200 tons has only been maintained for two years. In 2019, Wanshan Company broke the record again-the "Big Mac" of this transportation is the steel shell of the deep-medium channel submarine immersed tube tunnel, which is 123.5 meters long, 46 meters wide, 10.6 meters high, and weighs nearly 10,000. Ton! The self-propelled modular transport vehicle that performs the task has a total of 136 axes, all of which are made by "Wanshan".

So far, Wanshan Company has developed three generations of products, which have reached the international leading level as a whole. But now there is only one SPMT flatbed truck with 1152 wheels in China, and this "Chinese artifact" is only rented but not sold!

It doesn't mean that Germany is no longer capable of making it, but that there is no such demand. Over the years, as an infrastructure madman, China has built a large number of world-class projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Shenzhen-Medium Corridor. It can be expected that SPMT flatbed trucks will continue to "make great achievements" in my country, and even create greater load records.

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