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AMT heavy trucks soaring, Fast/ZF/Jiefang/Sinotruk/Longqing/Eaton, who can sell

Release time:

2021-09-02 11:17

At present, the hottest field in my country's heavy truck market, AMT models are definitely one of them. Behind the hot sales of AMT heavy-duty trucks, the competition in the field of heavy-duty truck AMT gearboxes is also undercurrent.

However, the competition in the AMT era is not limited to independent transmission suppliers such as Fast, ZF, Eaton Cummins, and many domestic heavy-duty truck OEMs including FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, and China National Heavy Duty Truck. , And they are also deeply involved in the field of AMT gearboxes.

Judging from the AMT heavy-duty truck market this year, many heavy-duty truck brands are mainly promoting their own AM gearbox products, but which AMT gearbox is more popular in the market? As a user, which market prospect are you more optimistic about?

ZF Foton AMT transmission: transmission efficiency as high as 99.7%

In 2019, after the localization of ZF TraXon transmissions in China, with Foton Daimler Auman’s leadership in automatic transmission products, the sales of ZF Foton TraXon AMT transmissions in the Chinese market have almost occupied half of the country. And the share is still expanding. Not only that, domestic mainstream heavy truck OEMs such as FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, China National Heavy Duty Truck, JAC Geerfa and SAIC Iveco Hongyan have matched this AMT gearbox on their high-end heavy truck models, which shows that there is huge room for increase.

Recognized by the industry and users, the product quality of ZF TraXon gearboxes is a decisive factor. The TraXon automatic gearbox has a newly designed gearbox body and a modular concept. It adopts the latest materials, processes and computer technology in the world today to meet the needs of the commercial vehicle market and provide it with a multi-purpose vehicle covering multiple applications. Functional solutions. This innovative gearbox also integrates many features and advantages, including a transmission efficiency of up to 99.7%, a wider range of gears, reduced noise, good reliability, and a B10 life span of more than 1.6 million kilometers.

In terms of application, the TraXon automatic transmission can not only be matched with dry clutches, but also with hybrid power modules, dual clutch modules and gearbox clutches. In addition, ZF has developed a revolutionary PreVision GPS shift strategy for the new gearbox. Based on the GPS connection and navigation data interface, it can achieve predictive driving and achieve better energy-saving effects.

Fast•Zhixing Integrated AMT Gearbox: Comparable to International Quality

Fast • Zhixing integrated AMT gearbox is Fast’s leading product that was established 7 years ago and officially launched on the market last year. This product is benchmarked against the most advanced international gearbox technology, adopts an integrated design concept, has a B10 life of up to 2 million kilometers, and a maximum transmission efficiency of 99.8%. It is reported that this product is currently performing well in the market and has been in short supply for a long time.

The mechanical and electrical system of Fast Smart Integrated AMT gearbox is highly integrated, which can greatly improve the reliability and shorten the shift time. The gearbox also adopts dual countershafts, full helical gears, and ground gear design, which can significantly improve the transmission efficiency of the transmission , Reduce noise; lightweight all-aluminum alloy shell design, product external without air pipe, wiring harness connection, simple in appearance, compact and beautiful; software development adopts international advanced software architecture and development process, rich in functions and strong adaptability.

It is understood that in the first two months of this year, the sales volume of Fast Zhixing AMT gearboxes has surpassed that of the whole year of last year. After that, Fast will rely on its advantages in functionality, advancement, price and customer response speed to create a safer, more efficient and more comfortable operating environment for Chinese commercial vehicle customers, and the sales of AMT gearboxes may get further promote.

FAW Jiefang Leading Changxing Edition AMT Gearbox: The total weight with oil is only 298 kg

"Light, easy, and economical" is the label of FAW Jiefang Leading Changxing version of the AMT gearbox, which is mainly installed on the J7 and J6 heavy truck platforms, and has been fully certified by the market and is deeply loved by users.

This Changxing version of the automatic transmission has a total oil weight of only 298 kg, which is more than 15 kg lower than that of the same class. The B10 life span is 1.6 million kilometers, the oil change interval is 600,000 kilometers, and the torque is 2650N·m, which is the widest speed in its class. Compared with 18.85, it can achieve a lower cruising speed of 1000 rpm, and its fuel economy is 1%-2% higher than that of similar products. It can save users about 10,000 yuan in cost each year.

It is worth mentioning that this AMT gearbox has 13 functions such as manual intervention shift mode, creep mode and hill start. The vehicle driving experience is more intelligent and driving is safer; this product also uses efficient integrated lubrication technology , The amount of lubricating oil is only 7.5L, which is 7L lower than similar products. During the life cycle of the product, it can save users about 6000 yuan in cost.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Longqing DA14 AMT gearbox: owns completely independent intellectual property rights

Longqing DA14 automatic gearbox is the first heavy-duty 14-speed AMT gearbox independently developed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, which has completely independent intellectual property rights and core technology. As an important part of the powertrain, the DA14 AMT gearbox is the first to be matched on Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle's models, and the market recognition is increasing with good word-of-mouth feedback.

It is understood that the Longqing DA14 AMT gearbox can provide more than ten functions such as automatic/manual mode, tractor mode, KICKDOWN function, and creep function, and the common rate with manual gearbox DA14 parts is as high as 97%.

In addition, Longqing DA14 automatic transmission can be matched with Longqing DDi11, DDi13 and other series engines. In addition to improving driving comfort, it can automatically select gears according to the best dynamic and economical shifting rules to ensure high transmission efficiency. At the same time, further improve fuel economy.

Sinotruk S-AMT 16-speed gearbox: the industry’s first 16-speed AMT gearbox

China National Heavy Duty Truck S-AMT 16-speed gearbox is the first mature 16-speed AMT gearbox in the domestic heavy-duty truck industry, with a transmission efficiency of 99.7%.

This product can switch between automatic and manual modes freely. It has functions such as creeping, sliding, Kickdown, and slope sensing. It releases the right hand of the truck driver, reduces fatigue and improves driving comfort. In addition, the S-AMT 16-speed gearbox can intelligently match different gears according to the actual vehicle weight, slope and other working conditions, and easily adapt to various complex working conditions to obtain the best power performance and fuel-saving effect.

Eaton Cummins "Win Dynamic" AMT gearbox: 20% lighter than similar products

In January of this year, Eaton Cummins’ first automatic transmission in China rolled off the assembly line and successively put it on the market. Although it took a short time, it has already reaped the benefits of many domestic heavy-duty truck companies including Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, and Jianghuai Geerfa. Favor. It is understood that the localization rate of Windong AMT gearboxes will reach more than 60% within this year, and will reach more than 80% by 2023.

In order to strengthen localized development capabilities, Eaton Cummins has established engineering and technical support teams in Shanghai and Wuhan R&D bases, which have the capabilities of gearbox design, development, system integration, testing, and analysis, which can fully satisfy customers' diversified products. need.

Compared with competing products, Inwin AMT gearbox has the advantages of "lightness", "easy" and "saving"; not only that, the weight of Inwin AMT gearbox is 20% lighter than similar products; intelligent electronic control system and The self-adjusting clutch makes it better realize intelligent control and easy to control; 7.5L ultra-low lubricating oil, 5 years or 600,000 kilometers of oil change interval, make it more reliable and fuel-saving, and further reduce TCO.

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