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Sinotruk Yishang IKEA Manka One

Release time:

2021-09-02 14:27

The cross-country special cubic cabin shape and three-point suspension design ensure the stability of the carriage while preventing accidental deformation, abnormal noise of the floor and furniture, and greatly extend the service life of the box. In terms of chassis, the front and rear suspension adopts a combination of front and rear special leaf springs + hydraulic cylinder shock absorbers, which can filter the bumps during driving and ensure comfort; the three differential locks also make it easy for any road conditions The adoption of this improves the survivability of outdoor cross-country. The tire size is 425/65 R22.5.


The windows of HOWO off-road motorhomes adopt Nomadison's exclusive windows, equipped with British brand sunshade curtains and mosquito nets. The rear 18500T-MAX 24V electric winch, the spare tire is electrically connected to the system, and two external storage boxes are added.


The German MAN technology engine is a special off-road vehicle with advanced technology, excellent performance, multi-function and all-weather. Sinotruk Shansite modified off-road RV is also a RV that can highlight its own excellent characteristics in various extreme road conditions such as deserts and mountains in the world. .


The toilet adopts a dry and wet integrated design, equipped with Thetford toilet, sink, vanity mirror, ventilation fan, shower, etc.; Daewoo 3kg washing machine eliminates hand washing time and improves life efficiency; in terms of waterway system, 400 liters Clean water tank, 75 liters gray water tank. The water system of the whole vehicle has been treated with antifreeze treatment to better adapt to harsh environments such as extreme cold.


The transmission system is matched with Shuangte 6AT gearbox (Carter Fast joint venture), which has the characteristics of faster and smoother transmission. For outdoor off-road sections, AT gearboxes perform better than AMT gearboxes. ABS + dual-circuit air brake + air-cut hand brake + exhaust valve EVB brake system also performs impressively, with standard pre-warning system (LDWS), lane departure warning system (FCWS), vehicle-machine interconnection + GPS Navigation, electric heating and widening exterior mirrors, cruise control, reversing radar, reversing image, etc.


SINOTRUK off-road RV HOWO 4*4 is coming for domestic RV quotation. The domestic off-road RV SINOTRUK HOWO finally has a four-wheel drive. The 2021 brand new domestic SINOTRUK off-road RV HOWO will be the first domestically produced off-road RV HOWO in the country. No friends, the box body is a broken bridge thermal insulation structure, the wall sandwich structure thickness is 65MM, the outer skin is German brand ultra-high-strength fiberglass panels, the inner layer is German brand fiberglass interior panels, and the thermal insulation strength is equal to two or four bricks. wall.


In terms of power, the German MAN MC11 engine and 11T turbocharged engine are used, with a maximum power of 268kW, 360 horsepower, and a peak torque of 1800 Nm. The instrument panel uses the same supplier imported from Germany and Mercedes-Benz. The main and auxiliary air suspension seats can be adjusted in softness and hardness at any time according to personal needs, which has an excellent effect on filtering bumps.


All portal axles of Sinotruk Shansite modified off-road RVs are equipped with rear differential locks, rear-wheel drive...The ground clearance close to 500mm allows it to face all extreme road conditions, and its parts and electrical components are waterproof Protection, coupled with waterproof headlights, wheels, brake seals, etc. make this beast omnipotent!

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